Agenda Overview

Updated 1.17.19, agenda is subject to change.

Sunday, February 10

1-4PM Resilience Planning Workshop, Palm F

This workshop will cover aspects of resilience planning from identifying stakeholders to setting goals. Join whether you are just exploring the topic, or completing your school’s resilience action plan. Participants will learn tools and resources they can use to: 1) work with their community, 2) transition from assessment to planning, and 3) select strategies to increase resilience. Participants will also receive individually tailored guidance, and have the opportunity to share lessons learned with other campuses working on resilience.

  • Ruby Woodside, Innovative Services Manager, Second Nature


1:30-4:30PM Second Nature Climate Leadership Steering Committee, Xavier

1:30-4:30PM Intentional Endowments Network Steering Committee, Joshua Tree

3 -7PM Check-in Open, Poolside, Second Floor

5-7PM Poolside Welcome Reception, Second Floor

Monday, February 11

7AM-5PM Check In Open and ASU Water Sim Traveling Display, Ballroom Foyer

7-8AM Breakfast, Palm Foyer

7-8AM President’s Breakfast, Harry’s Place located adjacent to the Hotel Lobby

Private Event, Hosted by CustomerFirst Renewables

  • Gary Farha, CustomerFirst Renewables
  • Tim Carter, President Second Nature


7-8AM Women’s Leadership Breakfast, The Abbey’s

Women are change agents – in every sector of the economy and government – which was never more clearly demonstrated than in 2018. Learn how we can support each other in becoming more strategic and effecting in our professional journeys. Please join us for an hour of inspirational testimonials about the importance of women’s leadership globally and what we can do to advance current and future generations of empowered leaders within our own networks.

  • Karen Sherman, President, Akilah Institute
  • Meghan Chapple, Director of the Office of Sustainability, George Washington University
  • Meghan Fay-Zahniser, Executive Director, AASHE
  • Devin Smith, Operations Manager, Second Nature


8-8:30AM Welcome Remarks and Framing the Summit, Palm Ballroom

  • Tim Carter, President, Second Nature
  • Georges Dyer, Principal, Intentional Endowments Network


8:30-9AM Keynote Speaker, Palm Ballroom

  • Jeremy Grantham, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of Grantham, Mayo, & van Otterloo (GMO), a Boston-based asset management firm


9-9:30AM Table Discussions, Palm Ballroom

  • Barbara Simonetti, President, Meetings That Matter


9:30-10:10AM Plenary Panel 1: Mission of Higher Education: Our Cross-Sector Role in Responding to the Urgency of the Climate Crisis, Palm Ballroom

  • Mark Mitsui, President, Portland Community College (moderator)
  • Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University
  • Mustafa Ali, Vice President, Hip Hop Caucus
  • Diana Liverman, Professor, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona, and Co-Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius


10:10-10:40AM    Table Discussions, Palm Ballroom

10:40-11AM Break

11AM-12:40PM  Morning Concurrent Sessions

Minority Serving Institutions and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), Joshua Tree

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) belong at the forefront of the conversations around climate leadership and sustainable investing. This session will focus on the role communities of color in addressing climate change and sustainability and the opportunities for HBCUs regarding sustainable investing with their endowments.  Panelists will explore the current barrier to action, and the imperative for all institutions to consider DEI in their climate leadership and endowment investing activities.

  • Felicia Davis, Cofounder, HBCU Green Fund
  • Dianne Dillon Ridgley, Trustee, Green Mountain College
  • Douglas Lawrence, Managing Principal, 5 Stone Green Capital LLC
  • Abdul Rasheed, Past Board Chair, Elizabeth City State University
  • Larry Robinson, President, Florida A&M University
  • Anthony Rust, Trustee, Warren Wilson College



Climate Action Leadership by Faith-Based Higher Education Institutions, Xavier

This session will explore how we might leverage the collective power of faith-based institutions to significantly expanding our climate leadership efforts in education, operations, investments and community action. Starting off with an overview panel highlighting the state of the movement and what is needed to expand action, the session will focus on facilitating small group discussion oriented toward sharing and collaboration, with participants walking away with individual and collaborative next steps.

  • Dan Misleh, Executive Director, Catholic Climate Covenant (moderator)
  • Amanda Hanley, Advisor to U Dayton and Board of directors, Global Catholic Climate Movement
  • Nancy Tuchman, Director, Institute for Environmental Sustainability, Loyola University of Chicago
  • Jake Barnett, Graystone Consulting



11AM-12:40PM  Next Level Conversations, Palm CF

During this 1-hour and 40-minute session, attendees will be given the chance to hear an intimate presentation from 3 separate table top presenters during (3) 40-minute sessions.  Presenters will speak for approximately 10 minutes without powerpoints and the remaining time will be spent engaging with and creating new connections with those seated at their table. Attendees will be given breaks between each conversation to switch to a new table topic, and presenters will speak to 3 separate groups of participants during this time.

  1. A Campus Approach to Sustainable Building: Jeremy Knoll, Project Manager, BNIM Architects
  2. Defunding Deforestation – The Hidden Driver of Climate Change: Jeff Conant, Senior International Forests Program Manager, Friends of the Earth
  3. Demand-Side Aggregation: Teaming Up to Purchase Renewable Energy at Scale: Susanne Fratzscher, Director of Business Development, CustomerFirst Renewables
  4. Evaluating Fossil Fuel Companies for Shareholder Engagement and Divestment Thresholds: Union of Concerned Scientists
  5. Expanding Representation and Inclusion in U.S. Climate Policy & Education: Theo Caruthers, Program Manager for Global Sustainability Initiative, University of Maryland Center for Global Sustainability
  6. How Investing + Technology Will Fund Your Institution’s Vision of a Sustainable Future: Claire Veuthey, Director of ESG & Impact, OpenInvest
  7. Leadership on Climate Change as a Path to Student Engagement, Retention and Lifelong Loyalty: David Sand, Chief Impact Strategist, Community Capital Management
  8. Mitigating Climate Risks in the Food System: How Universities Can Meaningfully Engage Through Their Operations and Their Investment Portfolio: Maria Lettini, Director, FAIRR Initiative
  9. New Digital Approaches to Building Performance and GHG Reduction: Fred James, Technical Support Engineer, Siemens
  10. Penn’s Civic Sustainability Fellows Program: Addressing Social Equity from with the Ivy Tower: Laura Rigel, Solar Manager, Philadelphia Energy Authority; Ben Suplick Director of Engineering & Energy Planning, University of Pennsylvania
  11. Retirement Plans: Exploring Opportunities for ESG Integration, Climate Mitigation, and Value Alignment: Chris Walker, Director, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  12. Student-Managed Funds as an Experiential Education Opportunity: Jeff Mindlin, VP Investments, ASU Enterprise Partners
  13. Students as Change Agents for Climate Resilience: Meghan Chapple, Director of the Office of Sustainability, George Washington University
  14. Sustainability, Energy Savings and Financing Solutions: How Efficiency Services Agreements Deliver for Higher Ed: Bob Hinkle, President & CEO, Metrus Energy
  15. The Interplay of Impact and ESG Investing: David Dinerman, Former Trustee, Hampshire College
  16. Universities as Catalysts for Regional-Scale Climate Action: Lessons from St. Louis: Beth Martin, Lecturer in Env. Studies and Law, Washington University


12:40-1:30PM Climate Leadership Awards Luncheon, Palm Ballroom

12:40-1:10pm     Lunch Service

1:10-1:15pm        Paris to Pittsburgh Screening Trailer: This documentary brings to life the impassioned efforts of individuals who are battling the most severe threats of climate change in their own backyards. Presented by Bloomberg Philanthropies and distributed by National Geographic, Introductions by David Finegold, President, Chatham University

1:15-1:30pm        Climate Leadership Awards: Honoring both two and four-year institutions receiving the Climate Leadership Awards and celebrating the carbon neutrality achievements of American University and Bowdoin College.


1:30-2:10PM Plenary Panel 2: Resilience, the Disaster Economy, and Climate Justice, Palm Ballroom

  • David Hall, President, University of Virgin Islands
  • Anthony Rust, Trustee, Warren Wilson College
  • Atyia Martin, CEO & Founder of All Aces, Inc., Distinguished Senior Fellow at Northeastern University’s Global Resilience Institute
  • Havidan Rodriguez, President, University of Albany
  • Scott Miller, President, Virginia Wesleyan University, Moderator



2:10-2:40PM   Table Discussions, Palm Ballroom

2:40-3PM  Break

3-4:45PM Next Level Conversations Round 2, Palm CF

During this 1-hour and 40-minute session, attendees will be given the chance to hear an intimate presentation from 3 separate table top presenters during (3) 40-minute sessions.  Presenters will speak for approximately 10 minutes without powerpoints and the remaining time will be spent engaging with and creating new connections with those seated at their table. Attendees will be given breaks between each conversation to switch to a new table topic, and presenters will speak to 3 separate groups of participants during this time.

  1. 100% Renewable Energy: How Universities Can Lead by Example: Bronte Payne, Director, Campaign for 100% Renewable Campuses, Environment America
  2. Becoming 100% Renewable – Just Get Started: Kathy Johnson, Vice President for Finance & Administration, Black Hills State University
  3. Climate Action Through Higher Education: Higher Education’s Role in Pricing Carbon: Aurora Winslade, Sustainability Director, Swarthmore College
  4. Getting Private Investors to Fund Your Infrastructure Upgrade Projects: Rick Gibson, CEO, Sustainability Partners
  5. Leveraging Distributed Energy Systems to Achieve GHG Goals: Todd Thurlow, Director, Siemens
  6. Mapping the Journey to Sustainability Through Change Management & Adaptive Teams: Ann Erhardt, Director of Sustainability, Michigan State University
  7. Mobile Micro-Grid Technology: Advances Toward Sustainability and Resilience: John A. Fallon, III Ph.D., Higher Education Relations, DD DANNAR, LLC; Donna Marie Bertrand, Communications Director, DD DANNAR, LLC
  8. The Components of Ohio State’s $1 billion Power Agreement: Serdar Tufekci, CEO, Ohio State Energy Partners
  9. The Resource of Energy: Randy Hoff, Vice Chairman, Cenergestic; Charlie Lord, Principal, RENEW Energy Partners
  10. Working with the Danish Embassy on Advanced Climate Solutions: Niels Vilstrup, Embassy of Denmark


3-5PM Higher Ed Anchor Mission Initiative & The Just Transition, Palm Ballroom

College infrastructure has expanded to integrate offices of community engagement, offices of sustainability and offices of racial and gender equity, providing the groundwork for colleges and universities to foster a just transition.  Participants will share best practices for institutionalizing, benchmarking and advancing just transition goals including incorporating the just transition into responsible investment policy and hiring and procurement practices as well as channeling capital into community renewal.

  • Emily Sladek, Manager for Higher Education Management, Democracy Collaborative
  • Johanna Bozuwa, Research Associate, Democracy Collaborative
  • Vonda Brunsting, Program Manager, The Just Transition Project, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Harvard Kennedy School
  • Jennie Stephens, Director, School of Public Policy & Urban Affairs, Dean’s Professor of Sustainability Science & Policy, Director for Strategic Research Collaborations, Global Resilience Institute, Northeastern University


3-5PM Presidential Levers for Climate Action, Joshua Tree

Closed meeting for Presidents and Trustees Only

  • Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University, Moderator
  • Mariko Silver, President, Bennington College
  • Steven Knapp, former President, George Washington University



3-5PM Higher Ed as a Change Agent in the Community,  Xavier

Closed Meeting for UC3 Liaisons & Invitees Only

5-7PM Networking Reception, Courtyard

Tuesday, February 12

7-8AM Breakfast, Palm Foyer

8-8:10AM Welcoming Remarks, Palm Ballroom

8:10-8:50AM Popcorn Presentations, Network Updates, Palm Ballroom

  1. Patrick Lee, VP, Institutional Services, Natixis Investment Managers
  2. Clara Vondrich, Global Director, Divest-Invest Philanthropy
  3. Lindsey White, Senior Manager, Investor Network, Ceres
  4. Jake Barnett, Institutional Consultant, Graystone Consulting
  5. Julia Enyart, Impact Research Analyst, Public Investments, Glenmede
  6. Video Remarks: US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island
  7. Intentional Endowments Network Update
  8. Second Nature Update


8:50-9:50AM Plenary Panel 3: Leveraging Higher Education’s Strengths for Place-based Climate Action: Expanding the UC3 Model, Palm Ballroom

  • Janet Napolitano, President, University of California
  • Robert Johnson, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth
  • Mariko Silver, President, Bennington College
  • Tim Carter, President, Second Nature, Moderator


9:50-10:10AM Table Discussions, Palm Ballroom

10:10-10:30AM Break

10:30am-12:10pm Morning Concurrent Sessions: Endowments and Climate Commitment Tracks

*Endowments Investing for a Sustainable Economy Track, Palm C

*This track will run during both the morning and afternoon concurrent session times and has been designed for continuous conversation which will drive the afternoon Action Planning segment.  Attendees of this Track should be present for both morning and afternoon conversations.

This track is designed to be a continuous conversation with experts and peers about how your college or university endowment can achieve its risk and return objectives while aligning with your institutional mission. Our work together will be guided by the Roadmap for Intentionally Designed Endowments – a step by step process which grew out of the experiences of our network of colleges and universities. There will be a series of panel presentations, each of which will be followed by roundtable discussions where participants can have their burning questions addressed and work with peers and experts to create or advance action plans for their own institutions.

10:30am The Roadmap for Intentionally Designed Endowments: An Overview

10:40am Setting the Stage: Learning, Building Consensus and Setting Policy

Campus investment professionals will  describe the process of creating intentionally designed endowments on their specific campuses from defining what alignment means for their institutions through building consensus, to formalizing objectives and processes in an Investment Policy Statement.

John Church, Senior Portfolio Manager for Endowments & Foundations, Glenmede

Jeff Mindlin, Director of Investments, ASU Enterprise Partners

Ophir Bruck, Senior US Network Manager, Principles for Responsible Investment

Neda Nobari, Investment Committee Chair, SF State Foundation

11:10am  Dialogue with Peers and Experts

11:40am Implementation: Aligning the Endowment Portfolio with Mission

Endowment professionals will describe the process and discuss the impacts of aligning their endowments with their mission including assessing the current portfolio, making asset allocation and investment decisions and monitoring and communicating progress.  We will explore the benefits of including environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) in risk analysis and of making investments that have a positive environmental and social impact.

Tim Dunn, Managing Director and CIO, Terra Alpha

Libby George, Director of Investments, NC State University

Anthony Rust, Warren Wilson College and Caribbean Equity Partners

Erik Gross, Treasurer, UNH Foundation

Imogen Rose-Smith, Investment Fellow, University of California


10:30-11:25am Climate Commitment Implementation Track, Session 1

Showing Campus Leadership through Large-Scale Renewable Energy Procurement, Palm F

Renewable energy has moved from an operational target to a strategic imperative on campuses across the country. Still, it takes strong leadership to engage and build trust among stakeholders and campus decision-makers, and accelerate impactful renewable energy deployment. Presenters will discuss how they successfully navigated organizational hurdles and enacted meaningful change on their institution’s pathway to carbon neutrality.

Gary Farha, President and CEO, CustomerFirst Renewables

John Luipold, Vice President, Real Estate & Strategic Initiatives, Brown University

Morgan Olsen, Executive Vice President, Treasurer and CFO, Arizona State University

Bob Smith, Vice President for University Planning, Design & Operations, University of Arizona


How Campuses Can Build Community Resilience, Xavier

Colleges and universities can play a leading role in fostering resilience to climate change both on their campuses and in their communities. Hear how three schools are taking steps to convene stakeholders, address community needs, and generate momentum towards increased climate resilience

Brian Kelly, Vice President of College Services, Lane Community College

Benjamin Newton, Environmental Sustainability Director, Central Community College

Karin Warren, Herzog Family Chair of Environmental Studies & Science, Sustainability Council Chair, Randolph College


Cross-Sector Partnerships to Further STEM Workforce Development, Joshua Tree

SUNY Corning Community College has worked with Siemens to re-tool the campus with GHG reducing infrastructure improvements while also developing sustainable STEM-to-Workforce ecosystems. The partnership is leading to measurable, lasting economic vitality and reductions in carbon footprint of partner organizations. The session will lay out a vision of how campus improvements create momentum for further GHG reducing actions, utilizing the campus as a living laboratory and the local communities as workforce experts on workforce development.

Eric Russell, Senior Account Executive, Building Performance & Sustainability, Siemens

Fred James, Technical Support Engineer, Siemens

Katherine Douglas, President of SUNY Corning Community College

Donna Moore-Powers, Biology STEM/Environmental Science Professor, Corning Community College


11:35-12:30PM  Climate Commitment Implementation, Session 2

Making the Case for Aggressive Climate Action at the University of California, Palm F

The University of California (UC) has transitioned to an on-line, Chancellor-level reporting system to plan and track progress towards our 2025 carbon neutrality goal. And all 10 UC campuses have developed Pecha Kucha style 7-minute presentations to communicate these plans. This session will feature fast-formatted presentations from three UC campuses.

David Phillips, Associate Vice President, Energy and Sustainability, University of California Office of the President

Matt St. Clair, Director of Sustainability, University of California Office of the President

Margaret L. (Peggy) Delaney, Vice Chancellor, Planning and Budget, University of California Santa Cruz

David Karlsgodt, Principal,  Fovea, LLC


Stakeholders, Synergies, and Scale: The Secret Sauce for Implementing High-Impact Renewable Energy Projects, Xavier

Renewable energy is one of the most powerful tools we have to realize campus sustainability goals. But how do we implement at scale, today? Join a group of colleges, universities, and consultants to learn how they are leveraging partnerships and engaging stakeholders to make high-impact renewables projects happen for their institutions.

Sara Draper, R.W. Kern Center Director of Educational Program and Outreach, Hampshire College

Trevor Ledbetter, Director of Sustainability, University of Arizona

Ryan McPherson, Chief Sustainability Officer, University of Buffalo

Keisha Payson, Sustainability Director, Bowdoin College

Tonga Pham, Associate Vice President University Facilities, University at Buffalo

Dano Weisbord, Director of Sustainability and Campus Planning, Smith College


Carbon Offsets to Support Emission Reduction Goals, Joshua Tree

Several universities have begun efforts to price carbon and offset emissions in innovative ways. These range from using operational capital to invest in local offset projects to creating capital by monetizing emissions reductions on the voluntary carbon market. In this session, you will hear four approaches to using offsets to support climate neutrality efforts.

Corey Hawkey, Assistant Director, University Sustainability Practices, Arizona State University

Matthew Arsenault, Program Manager, Duke Carbon Offsets Initiative, Duke University

Megan Litke, Director, Sustainability Programs, American University

Robert J. Koester, Director, Center for Energy Research/Education/Service, Ball State University


12:15-1:15PM Networking Lunch, Courtyard

1:15-2:10PM Afternoon Concurrent Sessions: Endowments Continued and Climate Commitment Tracks

Endowments Investing for a Sustainable Economy Track, Continued, Palm C

1:15PM Fireside Chat: Climate Change and Endowment Management: A Case Study

The story of why and how Wake Forest University integrates climate change into their investment process across asset classes.

Jim Dunn, CIO Verger Capital Management (Wake Forest Endowment)

Angelo Calvello, Board Verger Capital Management, Author of Environmental Alpha: Institutional Investors and Climate Change

1:30-2:10PM Action Planning

An opportunity to go deeper on your burning questions and to create next steps and action plans for your institutions.


1:15-2:10PM Climate Commitment Implementation Track

Reimagining District Energy in the 21st Century, Palm F

The success of energy solutions depends upon practical technical and financial solutions that fit within the context of overarching campus values and decision-making structures. Carleton College will provide an overview of their plan to reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and operating cost by transitioning the campus steam heating system to a “low temperature” hot water system.

Fred Rogers, Vice President and Treasurer, Carleton College

Martha Larson, Manager of Campus Energy and Sustainability, Carleton College

Steven Spehn, Director of Facilities and Capital Planning, Carleton College


Pathways for a Zero Energy Campus, Joshua Tree

Many higher education campuses across the globe are committing to sustainable operations with some charting pathways toward zero energy and net positive campuses. Two pathways will be outlined through the University of British Columbia’s new Green Building Action Plan and Eastern Washington University’s public/private partnership with McKinstry to develop a zero energy building as a living laboratory for academic programs. Expectations for zero energy buildings on campus are rising. Learn first steps in driving commitment and action on your campus.

Ash Awad, Chief Market Officer, McKinstry

John Madden, Director, Sustainability and Engineering, University of British Columbia


Tales, Tools and Tricks from Large Research Universities, Xavier

Hear how the University at Albany has integrated academics in the building of a new Net Zero Energy Laboratory and how the University of Pennsylvania is using a data-driven approach to optimize performance of existing buildings. Finally, the University of California, Irvine will contextualize the conversation by sharing its experience of ten years of working to eliminate operational greenhouse gas emissions.

Wendell Brase Vice Chancellor, Administrative & Business Services, University of California, Irvine

Indumathi Lnu, Energy Officer, University at Albany

Ben Suplick, Director of Engineering & Energy Planning, University of Pennsylvania

Alexander Waegel, Research Associate, Center for Environmental Building & Design, University of Pennsylvania

2:10-2:20PM Break

2:20-3PM Closing Plenary: Getting There In Time: Public Policy, Private Investment & Higher Education’s Leadership Role in Climate Action, Palm Ballroom

  • Bobby Robbins, President, University of Arizona, Moderator
  • Julie Cerqueira, Executive Director, US Climate Alliance
  • Soam Goel, Distributed Energy Group, Anbaric
  • Sandy Urie, Chairman Emeritus, Cambridge Associates


3:30-3:45PM Final Remarks

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