The Summit Organizers

Second Nature

Second Nature is committed to accelerating climate action in, and through, higher education. We do this by mobilizing a diverse array of higher education institutions to act on bold climate commitments, to scale campus climate initiatives, and to create innovative climate solutions. We align, amplify, and bridge the sector’s efforts with other global leaders to advance urgent climate priorities.

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Intentional Endowments Network

The Intentional Endowments Network supports colleges, universities, and other mission-driven organizations in enhancing financial returns by aligning their endowment investments with institutional mission, values, and sustainability goals. IEN hosts forums and events; facilitates peer networking; curates useful resources on sustainable investing opportunities; and provides educational venues for information exchange around a variety of sustainable investing strategies, such as ESG integration, impact investing, and shareholder engagement. In doing so, this broad-based, collaborative network will make a significant and critical contribution to creating a healthy, just, and sustainable society. IEN is an initiative of The Crane Institute of Sustainability, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Why Second Nature and IEN?

Both Second Nature and the Intentional Endowments Network are built on the belief that networks support, facilitate, generate and encourage higher education’s leadership on climate action. Our organizations are built on the strength of collaborative action and learning, fostering innovation, affecting policy and building capacity. Second Nature and IEN understand that mobilizing capital internally and through investments are critical for campuses to achieve their climate goals and that engagement of the private sector is crucial to mobilizing the capital needed to create a low carbon economy.

What are the Climate Leadership Commitments?

The Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments are a signature program ofSecond Nature and include a Carbon Commitment (focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions), a Resilience Commitment (focused on climate adaptation and building community capacity), and a Climate Commitment that integrates both.

What is the objective of the Intentional Endowments Network?

The objective of the Intentional Endowments Network is to help colleges, universities, and other mission-driven tax-exempt organizations align their endowment investment practices with their mission, values, and sustainability goals, without sacrificing financial returns. A primary mechanism for doing so is a series of regionally focused stakeholder engagement events, called Intentionally Designed Endowment Forums.

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